Who? K-Pop BTS (Hard Bound – Sealed)


ON-HAND Who? K-Pop BTS (Hard Bound – Sealed) Language: Korean / Purchased in South Korea

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Language: Korean

Seven Dreaming Boys 1 (Integrated Knowledge Plus 1. BTS Concept)
Seven Dreaming Boys 2 (Integrated Knowledge Plus 2. BTS in Social Media)
A Common Trainee Day (Integrated Knowledge Plus 3). Where BTS and fans meet)
Blood, sweat, and tears for debut (integrated knowledge plus 4. BTS’ success factor)
Teenagers spokesperson (integrated knowledge plus 5. BTS’s good influence)
Let your dreams give wings! (Integrated Knowledge Plus 6. America’s Top 3 Music Awards)

Author: Jinhee Kang
Illustration: Hyejin Lee


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